The 13th-14th of September LAB Denmark will be attending LabDays in Aarhus. We will be there and are ready to show you our products and the latest news. Below you can see pictures of some of the instrument we will be showing and by clicking on the pictures you can read more about each product on our homepage.

Are you interested in a certain product please mail us at so we can arrange a time for us to meet up for a demonstration at the exhibition. Of course you can also just come by our booth and we will be happy to help you right then and there.

About the exhibition

LabDays is a yearly trade fair for laboratory technology. In the odd years, the fair is traditionally held in Aarhus; while in the even years we hold the trade fair in Copenhagen. LabDays are conducted over two intensive days for everyone working within the laboratory industry

Precision test cabinets – Premium Line P 210

Precision test cabinets from Rumed that thanks to the variety of options and accessories can be configured almost boundlessly for any kind of climatic test. We offer a selection of 6 test room volumes from 210 l to 1700 l, which is unique on the market

Multi-reactor crystallizer – Crystal 16

A multi-reactor crystallizer for medium throughput solubility.

The latest version has integrated transmissivity technology and enhanced analytical capabilities, in a streamlined unibody design.

Tablet Hardness Testers LAB Denmark

Manual tablet hardness tester – MT50 SOTAX

The manual tablet hardness tester MT50 is a robust and very easy to use, the manual tester sets new standards in fast and precise manual operation – from multi-parameter runs to simple hardness tests of all types of samples, shapes, and materials.

DT5+ bathless disintegration apparatus LAB Denmark

Automatic tablet disintegration apparatus – DT50

The automatic tablet disintegration apparatus bathless DT50 sets new standards in fast and user-friendly operation. Induction heating technology reduces heating times to only 3 – 5 minutes and eliminates unproductive cleaning tasks.

Sound insolation

Sound insulation for vacuum pumps from Sonation.
Thanks to these sound protection hoods, the noise disturbance at the workplace is reduced to a minimum.
With the various models almost any device can be insulated.

Super Fast Extraction of soil samples: Analysis for PFAS / PFOS

Automated extraction system – CEM EDGE

The EDGE® is an automated extraction system that can perform a complete extraction (including filtering, cooling, and washing) of a wide range of samples and sizes at least 3 times faster than other pressurized fluid extractors.

Vapodest 500 LAB Denmark

Nitrogen determination- Vapodest 500

Specially developed for users in high-throughput laboratories, VAPODEST 500 performs Kjeldahl nitrogen determination as well as steam distillation of volatile substances. Efficiency, safety and conformity with standards.

TOC/TNb Analysis

Our supplier Analytik Jena offer the multi N/C pharma series, TOC/TNb analyzers specifically designed for pharmaceutical applications. A variety of accessories is available for all multi N/C devices to adapt the systems to specific application requirements.

Automatic parallel system – Multivap 10

LabTech MultiVap 10 automatic parallel system. The system can evaporate to solid state or concentrate into a fixed end-point volume. A compact solution compared to conventional rotary evaporators.

Biochemistry Analyzer – YSI 2500

YSI 2500 is a biochemical analyzer that analyzes glucose and lactate. The instrument has a very accurate sensors and fast results. The YSI can analyze samples from different types of sample holders including 96-well plates and microcentrifuge tubes.

Bioreactor – Habitat

The HABITAT ferment control tower package is particularly suitable for HABITAT’s fermentation applications and is used to monitor and control the bioprocess. It includes the control unit with all connection options for gas supply, liquid addition, sensors and temperature control.

Incubator shaker – INC 125 FS digital

INC 125 FS digital is the first incubator shaker with a patented removable shaker platform. Without the platform, the unit can be used like a normal incubator. The large inner chamber with a volume of 125 liters offers space for up to 6 grid shelves (without shaker platform).