In a recent unveiling that promises to redefine the landscape of scientific research, Technobis, LAB Denmark’s supplier, has introduced its latest innovation, ReactALL, during a webinar. This groundbreaking addition to their product portfolio offers a futuristic solution to the traditional, time-consuming processes of reaction screening. For those who missed the first presentation, the recorded webinar provides an insightful glimpse into what the future holds for research laboratories. See the webinar here.

Bridging the Gap in Reaction Screening

In the realm of scientific research, time is of the essence. Traditional manual experimentation processes, while foundational, are increasingly becoming bottlenecks in the fast-paced environment of product development and research. ReactALL emerges as a beacon of innovation, designed to expedite these processes by a factor of five. It stands as a testament to Technobis’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of research excellence through powerful, next-generation analytics, in partnership with LAB Denmark.

Features and Benefits

ReactALL is not just another addition to the laboratory; it is a leap towards the “Lab of the Future.” It embodies efficiency and precision across various stages of chemical experimentation:

  • Route Scouting: Through fully automated dose-sample-quench-dilute-rinse sequencing and the utilization of small sample sizes (5 to 10 mL), ReactALL maximizes throughput efficiency.
  • Reaction Screening: This device fills the void between cumbersome robotic platforms and traditional non-automated large reactors. It offers the best of both worlds, combining automation with ease of use in one compact device.
  • Reaction Optimization: With the ability to operate multiple reactors independently, ReactALL enables researchers to fine-tune reaction conditions, achieving optimal yields. Temperature controls range from -25°C to 150°C, offering unparalleled precision and flexibility.
  • Reaction Profiling and Kinetics: Leveraging SmartCap™ technology, ReactALL allows for immediate identification of reaction characteristics, significantly reducing experiment duration by up to 76%.

Elevating Research to New Heights

Technobis’ ReactALL, is more than just a tool; it is a partner in research that empowers scientists to achieve new levels of efficiency and data quality. By integrating sampling automation within a benchtop multiple reactor system, ReactALL not only accelerates product development but also enriches the research experience with rich, high-quality data.