Our suppliers regularly release webinars covering a range of exciting topics. Below we’ve collected some of these so you can see if there’s anything that sounds interesting to you. You can see what the webinar is about and which supplier present it in the title and you register easily via the link below. If you have any questions regarding the webinars, please email info@labdenmark.dk and we will be happy to answer!

Edible oil processing – Analytik Jena

Have you fully exploited the potential of your analytical techniques in edible oil analysis? Our experts will reveal what you can achieve with CNSX-analysis, ICP-OES, AAS and UV/Vis in regulated standard analysis and beyond.

Speaker: Dr. Angela Gröbel, Dr. Holger Sievers och Sandra Wunsch
Date: 6 september 16.00
Language: Engelska
Length: 60 min.
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Crystallization – Technobis

Our supplier Technobis has had several previous webinars in crystalisation which they have recorded so you can look at them them afterwards. You can see the name of the webinars and find the recordings in the links below.

Solid form control of a drug substance: Ensuring robustness during scale-up
Multi-Component Pharmaceutical Crystals: From Solid Form Selection to Controlled Crystallization
Identifying Polymorphism with in-situ Raman Spectroscopy at Screening Scale