Next week, our supplier Gerhardt Analytical systems offers two exciting webinars. One is about nitrogen analysis according to the Kjeldahl method and the other is about fiber analysis in feed.

The webinars take place on Tuesday 4 April and Wednesday 5 April at 11.00-13.00. They are held in English and you can choose to attend one or both webinars. Feel free to register even if the time doesn’t suit you because you get access to a recorded version of the webinar afterwards even if you can’t participate.

Read more about the program below:

Nitrogen Analysis according to the Kjeldahl method

Tue, Apr 4, 2023 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM CEST

Principle and analytical approaches for difficult samples


  1. Digestion with sulfuric acid and catalyst
    • Digestion temperature and digestion time
    • Temperature / time profile and power / time profile
    • Ratio of sample mass to sulfuric acid volume and catalyst
    • Handling of different samples
  2. Distillation and titration
    • Parameter settings for distillation
    • Selection of receiver solution
    • Options for titration
    • Handling of different samples
  3. Quality assurance
    • Blank values
    • Standards
    • Recovery
    • Error consideration
    • IQ / OQ / PQ

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Fibre Analysis in Feed

Wed, Apr 5, 2023 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM CEST

Determination of crude fibre · ADF · NDF · ADL


  1. Theoretical background of the fibre analysis
    in feed and bio gas analysis and for the characterization of biomass
  2. Sample Preparation
    Drying, grinding, de-fatting and decalcifying of selected samples
  3. How to do a fibre analysis
    Rinsing, filtering, drying, ashing
    Physico-chemical influences when using different methods
    How to handle difficult sample material
    Interfering influences in the analysis, e.g. excessive foaming, high content of starch, pectin content, …
  4. Quality control
    Blanc value, standard, recovery
    Determination of the amount of amylase, checking activities
    Disturbing influences
    How to handle artificial fibres/monomers
    Sequential analysis

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