Our Supplier C.Gerhardt analytical systems invites you to a webinar Thursday 15:th of June 11.00-13.00 about SO2 analysis in food samples.


  1. Introduction
    • The importance of the SO2 industry
    • Effect of SO2
  2. Official method to determine SO2 – The Optimized Monier-Williams method – Advantage and disadvantages
  3. Improved alternate methods
    • The adapted Monier-Williams method via SO2 Analyzer
    • Improved process and advantages
    • The fast analysis method with VAPODEST
    • How is an analysis possible in 10 min?
    • Advantages and things to consider
    • Fully automatic SO2 determination in batches with VAPODEST 550/C
  4. Direct comparison of the methods
    • Recoveries and standard deviation – What method is the right choice for my sample type?
  5. Q&A

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