Monday, September 27, from 08.30 to 10.00 a.m. it´s time for another webinar from our supplier Gerhardt Analytical systems. The webinar will be sent live from their application laboratory in Königswinter, Germany and hosted by Dr. Lukas Zibula and Franziska Merklin.

Topics during the webinar:

1.Theoretical background of the fibre analysis in feed and biogas analysis for the characterization of biomass

2. Sample Preparation- Drying, grinding, de-fatting and decalcifying of selected samples

3. How to do a fibre analysis

  • Rinsing, filtering, drying, ashing
  • Physico-chemical influences when using different methods
  • How to handle difficult sample material
  • Interfering influences in the analysis, e.g. excessive foaming, high content of starch, pectin content,

4. Quality control

  • Blanc value, standard, recovery
  • Determination of the amount of amylase, checking activities
  • Disturbing influences
  • How to handle artificial fibres/monomers
  • Sequential analysis

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