We want to welcome you to sign up for a free webinar that deals with an alternative source of protein that neither burdens the environment nor requires as many resources as other protein sources in the form of meat, chicken or fish.

Our supplier C.Gerhardt invites you to a webinar at two different times on Thursday, April 13.

There they describe the challenges that one needs to consider when analyzing the content of primarily protein and fiber in insects. Read more and register for the webinar here.


  1. Introduction
    Relevance for the food and feed industry
    Economical & Ecological benefits
  2. Chitin in Insects & Insect products
    Why is it important?
    Cooperation with The International Research Association Feed Technology e.V. (IFF)
  3. Determination of the nutrition facts
    The sample preparation as a key for stable results
    Protein analysis with KJELDATHERM and VAPODEST
    Protein analysis with DUMATHERM
    Total Fat analysis with HYDROTHERM and SOXTHERM
    Determination of Chitin in Insects
  4. Product range
    Our experiences with different sample types
    For whom are our products suitable?
  5. Q&A