Right now we are offering SOTAX manual AT Xtend 6 position bath including all relevant services at only 140,000 DKK ex VAT. The price includes delivery, installation and IQ / OQ. If desired, we can also assist in connection with PQ of the equipment.

SOTAX Xtend Dissolution Line: Manual dissolution system with flexible sampling and advanced monitoring of all physical parameters. Operation via user-friendly touch screen with the option of programming methods and with full control over the test runs. SOTAX’s dissolution testers have been the industry standard in R&D and QC laboratories worldwide for more than 35 years.

SOTAX Xtend Dissolution Line offers among others the following facilities:

  • Modular construction with the possibility of later expansion Standardized Xtend modules such as dissolution bath, pump, filter station and fraction collector can be flexibly combined relative to different automation requirements – from manual to semi- / fully automatic systems. Regardless of the configuration, all modules and components in the Xtend Dissolution Line are extremely robust, as they are designed for the most demanding requirements of even a fully automated system – running 24/7.
  • Scalable setup Xtend Dissolution Line simplifies method transfer, making upscaling from R&D to QC easier than ever, regardless of extended requirements for sample turnover and changed workloads. From the qualification to the SOPs.
  • Future-proof You can secure your investment today and the demands of tomorrow with flexibility.

With a well-documented history with thousands of systems installed worldwide and with more than 35 years of experience in dissolution testing, SOTAX is the safe choice and a safe investment.

All system modules incorporate the very latest technology for maximum efficiency and provide highly reliable dissolution tests based on high quality precision manufactured components. After-sales support is performed qualified and conscientious by LAB Denmark.

Does it sound interesting? Feel free to contact us at info@labdenmark.dk and we can tell you more.