FT2 – Friability Tester

FT2 – The easiest choice for compliant friability and abrasion testing.

Performing and documenting friability & abrasion tests has never been faster. From SingleButton™ navigation to intergrated balance interface, single and dual drum options for increased capacity, as well as automatic calculation of percent friability for your report, and a fully menu-guided qualification procedure – the FT2 offers easy and flexible testing in your lab.

  • Automatically record weight readings before / after test from an external analytical balance
  • Front-loading drums with automatic discharge function on completion of a test run
  • Calculation of percent friability / weight loss and printing of test protocols
  • Password protection to prevent unauthorized access to instrument settings
  • Flexible operation in timer, counter or speed mode and programmable rotational speed
  • Menu-guided qualification procedure with printed report
  • Integrated 10° tilting mechanism as per USP <1216>
  • Easy menu navigation with SingleButton™ operation

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