ATS Xtend™ UV Online

We sell Sotax ATS Xtend™ UV Online – Integrated UV-Vis analysis in your dissolution tester of samples in real-time for each timepoint.

  • IMMEDIATE – Dissolution results can be viewed in real-time as they are generated, reducing analysis time and associated costs
  • FAST – Sample as often as every 60 seconds in each vessel if short timepoint intervals are required for your modified release methods
  • CLOSED – Withdrawn sample volumes are immediately returned to vessels after UV-Vis measuring
  • ANALYSIS – Single wavelength and multi-component analysis of all samples simultaneously
  • INTEGRATE – Different spectrophotometers with double beam or diode array technology can be integrated
  • DATA INTEGRITY – All UV-Vis results and protocolled test conditions are consolidated in a single test report
  • NETWORKING – Network multiple dissolution tester to share methods, consolidate batch records from different systems, and simplify user administration

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