ATS Xtend™ UV On-/Offline

ATS Xtend™ UV On-/Offline – Get the best of both worlds. Online UV-Vis measuring and offline collection of samples with your dissolution tester.

  • FLEXIBILITY – Delivers real-time UV-Vis results and collects samples in tubes, LC vials, or wellplates
  • ONLINE – Single wavelength or multi-components analysis with integrated UV-Vis spectrophotometer
  • FAST – Sample and measure as often as ever 60 seconds in each vessel for multi-timepoint methods
  • COMPARE – Collect measured samples to easily compare your analytical finishes
  • DATA INTEGRITY – Automatically report measured UV-Vis results together with protocolled test conditions
  • COMPLIANT – Fulfills all Pharmacopeia and 21 CFR part 11 requirements for electronic records keeping
  • UV-VIS – Integrate the UV-Vis technology of your choice – double beam or diode array

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