AT 70smart UV On-/Offline

We sell AT 70smart UV On-/Offline – Automated dissolution tester analyses samples online with UV-Vis or collect offline for LC analysis.

  • EXPERIMENT – Powerful design of experiment (DOE) screening capability with up to 8 different media
  • BATCH – Test up to 40 lots of paddle (USP 2) and basket (USP 1) methods including the use of sinkers
  • COMPLETE – Fully automated dissolution tester from media preparation to cleaning and data reporting
  • ONLINE – Analyze samples in real-time with an integrated UV-Vis spectrophotometer
  • DATA RELIABILITY – Each dissolution test is performed the same way, every time, for more precise datasets
  • EFFICIENCY – Eliminate common repetitive manual tasks such as vessel filling, sampling, and cleaning
  • PRODUCTIVITY – Reduce process cycle times by eighty percent (80%) or more

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