innuSPEED Soil DNA Kit
  • Isolation of microbial DNA from soil samples
  • Includes homogenization (SpeedMill, for instance) using Lysis Tubes specific to the application 
  • High-quality DNA free of any inhibitors (such as humic acids)
  • Suitable for use with homogenizers (such as the SpeedMill
    or others)

Product Details

The innuSPEED Soil DNA Kit is a tool for extracting microbial DNA from soil samples. The extraction combines rapid homogenization of extremely complex starting material with efficient digestion of microbial cell walls in specially developed Lysis Tubes (using a SpeedMill or other homogenizer). After breaking down the material mechanically followed by a thermal lysis step, the DNA is selectively bound to the surface of a Spin Filter membrane. A novel wash buffe efficiently removes inhibitors such as humic acids. Finally, DNA is de sorbed from the membrane through the addition of a low-salt buffer.

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