Blue light LED illuminator

Blue light LED illuminator for Fluorescent Samples.

Blue light transilluminators are a quite interesting alternative to UV transilluminators as there is no risk of sample damage during illumination. This is important when samples shall be processed furthermore after gel documentation. Users also benefit from it as there is no risk of UV exposure. Blue light excitation is applicable for fluorescent dyes for nucleic acid or protein stains with excitation wavelengths around 470 nm. Examples for compatible stains are: SYBR Green, GelGreenTM, SYBR Safe, SYBR Gold or SYPRO Ruby.

The blue light transilluminator BLstar 9 is a small and handy solution for mini gels up 12.5 cm x 9 cm. Arrays of high-performance blue light LEDs are located at two sides below the illumination area. They provide for a great illumination uniformity and high signal intensity. The blue light transilluminator comes with an installed lid with amber filter. The lid can be freely adjusted in different angles and allows an easy access to the gel during cutting out of the gel. There is no need to wear amber glasses as the amber lid serves as filter to see the fluorescent samples. This filter lid is also used for gel documentation with a camera. An additional bandpass filter in front of the camera lens is not necessary.

  • Illumination with high-performance blue light LEDs for e.g. green fluorescent stains
  • Compact table with 9 cm x 12.5 cm field of view
  • Safe solution: No damage of DNA, no risk of UV exposure for users

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