CyBio SELMA is a smart and compact benchtop solution which supports you in any situation and makes your laborious pipetting tasks so much easier. It offers more comfort, higher performance and more flexibility. Thus you will be faster, more efficient, and more competetive.

  • Your Personal Assistant – Inspiring Technology Making Pipetting so Much Easier
  • Intuitive operation without the need for programming
  • Compact design which fits on any lab bench as well as into most of the laminar flow hoods
  • Comfortable and error free transfer of 96 or 384 samples in a single step

Your Personal Pipetting Assistant

Precise and semi-automatic pipettor with 96 or 384 pipetting channels for easy and fast filling of 96- and 384-well microplates without the use of a computer. Applications like replication and reformatting, medium exchange as well as serial dilution can be executed reproducible and convenient.

  • Fast and precise processing of 96- and 384-well microplates without the need for programming
  • Simple and intuitive operation via user guided methods
  • Easy and fast tip changing with ready to use CyBio TipTrays
  • Error-free and reproducible results due to 96 or 384 parallel pistons and proven tip sealing principle
  • Memory function and automatic use of pipetting heights and liquid handling parameters
  • Applications like the replication or the reformating of whole microplates can be executed in seconds
  • Save your valuable lab space
  • Simplify your pipetting tasks
  • Comfortable and Precise in every detail

CyBio SELMA – Experience More Comfort, Flexibility And Precision While Discovering the Easyness of Automated Pipetting

CyBio SELMA is a semi-automatic pipettor with minimal required space. Optimized for a fast and precise processing of 96- and 384-well microplates without the need for programming. This allows an easy and reproducible transfer of 96 or 384 samples in only one pipetting step. All movements and processes that are crucial for high precision and reproducibility are performed by reliable drives. CyBio SELMA is extremely easy to operate without the need for a separate computer control system. Pipetting, dispensing, mixing and further pipetting modes are directly selectable and the intuitive user guidance via touch screen allows for the easy creation of an liquid handling workflow.

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