Vacuum Pumps

We sell vacuum pumps from LabTech. The LabTech vacuum pumps are totally oil free, featuring an advanced design, low noise level, high efficiency and long lifespan. LabTech pumps are specially designed for laboratory operations to meet the highest expectations for precision, reliability and ease of use. They can be used in a multitude of applications, such as vacuum filtration, degassing, impregnation, drying chambers, rotary evaporation, distillation, gel dryers, gas analytical systems and roughing of a wide-range of turbo molecular pumps.

LabTechs vacuum pumps are in the VP-series.

Main applications

  • Environment friendly
  • Oil free
  • Low noise and vibrations
  • Large vacuum volume
  • Surface and main parts with anticorrosive coating
  • Compact and light
Vacuum Pumps VP-series LAB Denmark

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