Sound insulation boxes for ultrasonic baths
Product info

The USBB series has been developed especially for the noise insulation of ultrasonic baths in the laboratory.
The four available models, USBB-S, USBB-M, USBB-L and USBB-XL cover most of the ultrasonic baths used in the labs.


  • High noise reduction up to 30dB(A). That means a drop in noise of 90 to 95%.
  • Available in four different sizes for mostly all ultrasonic baths.
  • The cover can be completely opened, so the removal of the
    basket is very easy to handle.
  • There is no additional space needed to open the cover, so the
    box can be placed and operated under the extractor hood or
    under lab cabinets.
  • Control panel stays visible. Thanks to the transparent front, the
    progress of the washing program can be observed anytime.
  • Equipped with fast access openings on the front and both sides
    to operate the ultrasonic bath or to drain the cleaning agent.
  • Integrated fan to remove vapors.
  • Recessed grips on the sides for easy transportation.
  • Oil and water repellant and flame-retardant acoustic foam.
  • Powder coated, robust and easy cleanable surface.
  • Cushioned opening mechanism for smooth and easy handling.
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