Thermoshaker – Incubator Shaker

Sturdy, powerful incubator shaker in tried and tested C. Gerhardt quality, with linear or circular motion, based on Laboshake.

For homogeneous mixing of organic cultures at a constant temperature and constant speed in continuous operation.

Convenient and reliable

Continuous electronic speed and runtime control. Up to 9 shaking programs with 9 time/shake stages each can be programmed and saved. Precise temperature monitoring and thermally insulated temperature chamber guarantee stable temperatures. The cultures can be monitored at all times thanks to the transparent front door and the illumination inside.

The standard-sized fluorescent lamp can be replaced with a grow light or daylight lamp.

Exact temperature control and shaking

The temperature can be set continuously from 5 °C above room temperature, up to 60 °C and remains precisely constant to < 1 °C.

Shaker frequency [min-1] 0 and 20 – 200 rpm.

Major benefits

  • Very good equal distribution of temperature
  • High stability of temperature
  • Energy savings thanks to low heat loss
  • Transparent front door
  • Interior lighting, can be activated separately
  • Flexible applications thanks to variety of accessories
  • Plus: all the benefits of Laboshake

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