Wire Shelf

The industry standard wire shelf, an excellent solution as a basic shelf for storing your medicine or other biomedical material. The shelf is made in polished steel and coated with plastic powder.

BioChill™ Shelf

Our BioChill™ shelf is ideal for a medicine refrigerator as it features a flat surface to prevent medicine packages from tipping and becoming unorganized. It is made in perforated stainless steel which retains cold as well as allowing airflow within the cabinets, which contributes to a stable and even temperature within the cabinet.

BioChill™ Drawer

Introducing our new line of storage solutions, BioChill™ Drawer . This new option is made in Aluminimum which is ideal for retaining the cold inside your medical cabinet even during frequent door openings. Additionally it is perforated so that the airflow inside the cabinet is still optimal, thus eliminating hot and cold spots in your Medical refrigerator. A divider set is included so that you can arrange your inventory as you find fitting.

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