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Here you can read about LabTechs multi purpose, high speed centrifuges.

GYROZEN 1248, 1248R, 1236R, 1580 and 1580R

GYROZEN multi-purpose, high-speed centrifuges – 1248, 1248R, 1236R, 1580 and 1580R – share rotors (G-family), buckets and accessories so as to offer a cost-efficient solution and save laboratory space. 1248, 1248R and 1236R with max. 12,000 rpm can accommodate up to four of 250 ml capacity with a compact footprint and can be used for medium throughput applications. 1580 and 1580R multi-purpose centrifuges are designed for daily-working laboratories with large-volumes and quantities samples up to 3 Liters (4 x 750 ml). These two go up to 15,000 rpm and offer a great variety of rotors, buckets and tube adaptors for diverse applications.

The ‘R’ models are equipped with a powerful refrigeration system that allows the temperature to cool down to 4 °C from room temperature within 5 minutes. Therefore, you can save your time and your precious samples at a proper temperature. 1248, 1248R, 1580 and 1580R are bench-top centrifuges whereas the 1236R is a floor standing. The space-saving, compact 1236R has 4 casters at the bottom of the body so that it can be easily moved, positioned and safely locked. Also, its perfect height allows you to easily load and unload samples. GYROZEN’s multi-purpose centrifuges are ideal for cellular and molecular biology work, clinical preparations, nano-particles separations, industrial applications and food science, etc.

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