Table-top autoclaves

Table-top autoclaves from HMC are space-saving and convenient. HMC have several different models in the table-top category. See information about the different models below.

B- series
B-series autoclaves, e.g. our HMT 260/300 MB with vacuum, drying function and printer. The air is removed from the sterilization chamber repeatedly with a fractionated pre-vacuum. Due to this the steam can sterilize through packages and in hollow parts.

S-series autoclaves, e.g. our HMT 230/260/300 MA with vacuum and drying function or HMT 230/260 FA.

N-series autoclaves, e.g. our HMT 232 N: A N-series sterilizer may only be used to sterilize unpacked instruments which are classified as uncritical or semicritical A.

From a batch system to loading baskets: our accessories make it possible to configurate the autoclave according to your requirements.

Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our table-top autoclaves. We are always happy to answer.

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