PeCOD Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD Analyzer)
  • Green chemistry 
    • Eliminate dichromate, mercury, and concentrated sulfuric acid 
  • Fast COD/BOD analysis 
    • Results in 10 minutes 
      • Traditional Dichromate COD method takes up to 3 hours 
      • BOD method takes 5 days 
    • Real Time COD/BOD 
      • PeCOD® is capable of online COD/BOD monitoring 
      • Operators can access results remotely from a mobile device 
      • COD/BOD is analyzed directly at the source, not in the lab 
      • Continuous monitoring allows for 24/7 data collection 
  • Rapid results enable municipalities and industry operators to make impactful decisions that will protect the environment and public health 
  • Climate change goals, to reduce global COD and BOD, can be achieved through effective monitoring and increased process control 

In summary, the PeCOD® Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Analyzer accomplishes the following: 

  • Hazardous chemicals reduced 
  • Energy reduction by end-users 
  • Reduction in reagents by end-users 
  • Decreased organic loading into the environment 
  • Optimized public health protection 
  • Green and sustainable, achieves climate change goals 
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