The SetaCool-16 is designed to provide fast, accurate and precise determination of Cloud Point, Pour Point and Cold Filter Plugging Point of petroleum products, diesel and cooling fuels to -78 °C.

Stanhope-Seta’s new instrument, SetaCool 16, test parameters according to – ASTM D97; D2500; D5853; D6371; IP 15; IP 219; IP 309; IP 441 – and can do the tests according to the environmental requirements set in EU 517/2014 (emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases).

SetaCool 16 has its own built-in cooling system so no compressor or environmentally hazardous coolants are required anymore to perform the tests – in an environmentally friendly way.

Four independent units, each with four test jackets allows for easier maintenance and servicing. The instrument features a built in cooling system and dry block bath which means no external cooling medium is required, whilst a built in heated top plate prevents ice formation.

SetaCool 16 is a compact, bench-based instrument that takes up significantly less space than older and larger test systems that use environmentally hazardous refrigerants. Want to know more about SetaCool 16? Check the information on Stanhope-Seta’s website or contact us.