The 7-8 of September 2022 LAB Denmark will be attending LabDays in Copenhagen. We will be there and are ready to show you our products and the latest news. Are you interested in a certain product please mail us at so we can arrange a time for us to meet up for a demonstration at the exhibition. Of course you can also just come by our booth and we will be happy to help you right then and there. 

Some of the instruments we are showing at LabDays are:

iPrep digestion vessel LAB Denmark
  • CEM
    • Edge – Automated Solvent Extraction System. Automates the technologies of PFE and dSPE.
    • Discover 2.0 – Microwave synthesis. The Discover provides an economical, robust platform for heating sealed pressure vessels with the power of microwave energy. Access temperatures and pressures up to 300 °C and 300 psi for the highest purity synthetic results. 
    • iPrep – The most advanced digestion vessels ever made. The unique dual seal of the new iPrep allows for the highest working conditions of any microwave digestion vessel. This means it can digest extremely difficult materials such as PET and bunker oil with ease.
  • Sotax
    • MT 50 – Proven to be the most advanced, precise, and user-friendly manual tablet hardness tester, the MT50 with high-precision Dr. Schleuniger technology is an all-time favorite in both laboratories and compression rooms. 
    • DT 50 – The bathless DT50 sets new standards in fast and user-friendly operation. Induction heating technology reduces heating times to only 3 – 5 minutes and eliminates unproductive cleaning tasks. 
  • Avidity – Pure water is a prerequisite for many analyzes and work in the lab. We sell water purification systems from Avidity that can produce water of both type 1, 2 and 3.
  • Analytik Jena
    • Biometra PCR – The Biometra product family offers PCR devices ranging from standard to premium equipment – all designed in line with the common principles of being reliable, convenient, and precise.
    • Q-tower – the top performer among real-time PCR thermal cyclers.
    • TOC – From surface and wastewater investigations in the environmental sector to high-purity water in the semiconductor or pharmaceutical industry – this multi N/C instruments offer you customized solutions for reliable TOC/TNb measurements in your field of application.
    • SpeedMill – The SpeedMill PLUS is a highly efficient homogenization system for various starting materials used for the subsequent isolation and purification of DNA, RNA or proteins.

About the exhibition

LabDays is a yearly trade fair for laboratory technology. In the odd years, the fair is traditionally held in Aarhus; while in the even years we hold the trade fair in Copenhagen. LabDays are conducted over two intensive days for everyone working within the laboratory industry