Do you want to learn more about the analysis of crude fibre, ADF, NDF, ADL in feed samples?

Do you have problems with the samples and wants good advise, how to solve these?

Welcome to another interesting webinar from our supplier C.Gerhardt, on Tuesday 24 May at 11 – 13 with a lunch break.

The following areas will be addressed:

– Theoretical background
– Sample preparation
– How to do a fiber analysis
– Quality control

PROGRAM : Fibre analysis

  1. Introductory discussion and presentation of specific requests from the users
  2. Theoretical background of the fibre analysis in the feed- and bio-gas analysis and for the characterization of biomass
  3. Sample Preparation
    – Hands-on drying, grinding, de-fatting and decalcifying of selected samples.
    – Participants are requested to bring samples along!
  4. How to do a fibre analysis
    – Rinsing, filtering, drying, ashing
    – Physico chemical influences when using different methods
    – How to handle difficult sample material and interfering influences in the analysis, e.g. excessive foaming, high content of starch, pectin content, …
  5. Quality control
    – Blanc value, standard, recovery
    – Determination of the amount of amylase, checking activities
    – Disturbing influences
    – How to handle artificial fibers/monomers
    – Sequential analysis

You are welcome to register your participation via this link
Feel free to sign up even if you can´t participate at 24th of May, you will then have access to a recorded version afterwards.