Want to learn more about fat analysis?
Do you have problems with your samples and want tips on how these could be solved?

Welcome to another interesting webinar with our supplier C. Gerhardt GmbH & Co. KG on “Fat determination according to Weibull-Stoldt / Weibull-Berntrop”.

Tuesday, April 26 at 11 – 13 with a break for lunch.

The following areas will be addressed:
– Sample preparation
– Extraction – acid hydrolysis
– Quality assurance

PROGRAM : Food – Feed – Hydrolysis – Extraction

1. Introduction
User specific questions of the participants
Definition of fat Structure and systematics of fatty acids
Economic importance of fat
Fat determination methods

2. Sample preparation of fat containing samples
Sample preparation

3. Hydrochloric acid digestion (Hydrolysis)
Principle and performance
Classical and automated hydrolysis
Filtration and neutral washing
Drying of the filter residue

4. Extraction
Safe working with organic solvents
Classical extraction
Automated extraction
Principle and performance
Further processing of the extracts

5. Quality assurance
Blank value and standard
Possible errors in fat analysis

Welcome to register your participation here. Feel free to sign up even if you don´t have the opportunity to participate since you can get access to a recorded version afterwards.