LAB Denmark was created in January 2019 as a natural extension in the ClaraLab group. The goal of LAB Denmark is to represent suppliers with unique products, to be able to provide a professional level of information throughout the sales process and to provide a high level of service. LAB Denmark focuses on CLEAN and CELLS.

2 people are hired in May 2019: Lonnie Hermansson sales manager, Stephan Nandrup-Bus product specialist. Together with the other subsidiaries in Sweden and Norway, we have a service and support organization consisting of 16 skilled people. The head office is in Stockholm, where the warehouse is located.

The ClaraLab group consists of 6 companies, all operating in the laboratory industry but with different orientations and user segments.

LAB Analytical works with analytical instrumentation and is the official reseller for parts of Perkin Elmer’s range in Sweden and Denmark. Products from Biolin Scientific and Stanhope-Seta are also sold via Analytical.

LAB Diagnostics markets and sells products within diagnostics and laboratories, primarily for hospital and veterinary activities. Major suppliers are Roche, LVL, Porkka and Nerbe Plus.

LAB Noax delivers products in 5 main areas: consumables, instruments for water analysis, sampling, sample preparation and reference material. Customers are found in the areas, research, hospitals and industry. Examples of suppliers are Bürkle, CurTec, Fritsch, Merck and Ultra Scientific.

LAB Sweden markets and sells products within the niches RENT and CELL / BAKT. Suppliers include Infors, Miele, Systec, Thomson and YSI Life Science.

LAB Norway reflects LAB Sweden in Norway with a focus on cell and bacterial culture, biochemical analyzers and autoclaves. Suppliers include Infors, Systec, Thomson and YSI Life Science.

You are welcome to contact us if you would like further information about our company or have questions about our products and range.

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